it starts to apply International Nurse-Midwifery Master of Science Program on Jan.1,2015!

International Nurse-Midwifery Master of Science Program

In addition to equipping students with professional knowledge and skills of midwifery and enhancing training in medical guidance, and consultation, we aim to cultivate students’ abilities to conduct academic research or engage in medical business management in order to develop researchers and leaders in the field of mother and child healthcare, sustain human resources for clinical services, and reinforce clinical research in the field.

The program emphasizes woman- and family- oriented care for low-risk pregnant women prenatal care, labor and delivery management, postpartum care, well-woman gynecologic care, and primary health care to essentially normal, healthy women and to care for normal newborns. Students will earn a “Master of science (major in Nurse-Midwifery)” degree from College of Nursing after two-year program is successfully completed.

Application Period: Jan.1-Mar.31