Professional Training Program

Published December 26, 2018

Professional Training Program-

1. Short-Term Nursing Faculty Training Program in Chinese Complementary Therapy and Eldercare


This program integrates Chinese Complementary Therapy Program and eldercare practicum. The course introduces application of traditional Chinese medicine in Taiwan nursing care and eldercare. The program includes Chinese complementary therapy theory and practice, as well as observation of Chinese medicine department in Taiwan hospitals. Upon completion of the program, Indonesian students are expected to integrate the knowledge of TCM with Indonesian traditional therapy or healthcare and apply in Indonesian nursing homes or nursing institutes. The aim is to improve the living quality of patients and reduce their pain.


2. Indonesian Midwifery Faculty Short-Term Training Program


The program integrates international and Taiwan midwifery and neonatal care theory and practice. Furthermore, this program introduces Taiwan’s advanced pregnancy-friendly environment, pre- and post- partum care, as well as training and hospital observation session. The training is based on professional knowledge in pre- and post- partum care. Participants will be able to give good guidance and suggestion to pregnant women, and be able to deliver babies and take care of newborn babies independently. The program aims to lower the mortality rate of pregnant women and newborn babies in Indonesia.


3. Short-Term Indonesian Youth Training Porgram in Eldercare


The program provides Indonesian nursing students an opportunity to learn Taiwan long-term care development and training, including general care and care of specific disorders. NUTNHS cooperates with excellent long-term care organizations in Taiwan, and incorporates eldercare professional practice and long-term care organization observation. Upon completion of the program, Indonesian nursing students can seek working opportunities in Taiwan long-term care organizations or return to Indonesian eldercare organizations or nursing schools.