College of Health Technology
Department of Information Management (Chinese-medium Program)

Published March 31, 2021

Department Introduction

                         Department of Information Management

                         Bachelor Degree in Information Management

Department Briefing

Department of Information Management (BS, MS)

The goal of our department is to train information technology and management personnel that can integrate theory with practice, and can cater to today’s market demands and future developing trends. Our intention is to drive the progression of information technology application in the fields of business, enterprise and medicine; we hope to cultivate personnel that can manage theories and skills from medical, information and management related fields, identify and resolve problems and questions, and ultimately implement information technology to achieve the philosophy of healthcare management.

Eligibility for Admission Any applicant who has graduated from vocational high school or high school, or conforms to a similar education level as recognized by the Ministry of Education.
Required Application Documents

1. Study plan (around 1200 words): including (1) Applicant’s autobiography; (2) reasons for applying Department of Healthcare Administration and Management; (3) future goals.

2. Applicant’s vocational high school or high school documentation of activities participation: awards, competition achievements, leadership experiences, club performance, working experiences.

3. Applicant’s vocational high school or high school’s course transcript.

4. Two photocopies of the applicant’s vocational high school or high school diploma.

5. Two copies of passport.

6. Two copies of application form.

7. One recommendation letter.

8. Relevant data, documents, or licenses to prove Chinese language proficiency.

Chinese Language Proficiency

TOCFL Level 2 or higher (including listening, reading, speaking test)

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science (BS)
Contact Information
Application deadline March 31, 2019