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Published April 11, 2024

2024 NTUNHS Academic Degree

National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS) is known for having the best degree programs in nursing and healthcare education in Taiwan and Asia. NTUNHS has a total of 4 colleges (the College of Nursing, the College of Health Technology, the College of Human Development and Health, and the College of Smart Healthcare Interdisciplinary) including 12 departments, 12 graduate schools, and The General Education Center. Our university's excellent teaching and research were highly recognized by the Taiwan Ministry of Education and we were granted the "Teaching Excellence Project Subsidy" and "Model Technological University Project Subsidy". Moreover, our school was proudly ranked by Business Weekly Magazine and 104 Job Bank Corporation as the No. 1 University with the highest college graduates employment rate in Taiwan. Not only is NTUNHS one of the best nursing and  healthcare universities in Taiwan, it also ranked number one in excellence for its English-taught programs. If you are a high achiever, then the National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS) is the best choice for you.

Admission Handbook

2024 International Student Admission Handbook1



English-taught Programs
Program Contact
International Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Degree Program   
Ms. Helen Chen 
International Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree Program 
International Master of Science in Nurse-Midwifery Degree Program 
International Master of Montessori Degree Program   Dr. Pei-Chien Sun 
International Master of Health Technology Degree Program  Ms. Emily Lien  
International Master of Sport Science Degree Program 


International Foundation Program
Program Contact
Bachelor of Long Term Care   Mr. Horatio Chu 


Chinese-taught Programs
Program Contact
College of Nursing   Ms. Emily Lien  
College of Health Technology 
College of Human Development and Health 


Application Requirements Documents

  1. 檢查表 Checklist (Download)

  2. 申請表 Application Form  (Download word. / pdf. )

  3. 推薦信 Recommendation Letter 

  4. 健康檢查報告 Medical Report (Download word. / pdf. )

  5. 申請手冊 2024 International Student Admission Handbook (Download)

  6. NTUNHS New Students Scholarship Application Form (Download)           


  7.  推薦信格式 (Download 碩士班 / 博士班)

  8. 考生學經歷總表 (Download 碩士班 / 博士班)

  9. 年資證明、服務證明 (Download)

Language Proficiency Requirements

Language proficiency Requirements →click it



  1. According to the new policy of the Residents Visas for Students from Indonesia from the Taipei Economic and Trade Office, Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia

           Applicants from Indonesia please read the following document.

           →Dokumen yang diperlukan untuk permohonan visa Pelajar S1,S2,S3

      2.   For more info on NTUNHS please read the Admission Brochure.


《English-taught Programs》: 

International Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Degree Program 

         Application Deadline: Mar 31, 2024

In response to students diversified development and career planning needs, the School of Nursing has the best-rated PhD-level faculty in the country, and develops competency-based courses connected to the nursing practices, as well as implement objective methods for competence assessment. Our doctoral program aims to nurture healthcare talents in nursing leadership, nursing education, and nursing research.

International Master of Science in Nursing Degree Program

         Application Deadline: Mar 31, 2024

The International Nursing Master of Science Program at NTUNHS is Taiwan's first English-taught nursing master's program. NTUNHS is committed to nurturing nursing professionals who meet market demands and have diverse skills, emphasizing career planning for students. The College of Nursing and the School of Nursing share a common focus on providing "people-centered" healthcare that caters to the unique healthcare needs across the various stages of the human life cycle.

International Master of Science in Nurse-Midwifery Degree Program  

        Application Deadline: Mar 31, 2024

Master of Science Nurse-Midwifery program aims to help students developing professional knowledge and skills in nurse-midwifery, teaching students advanced knowledge and skills concerning midwifery, guidance and counseling. It also emphasizes academic study and operations management to cultivate research staffs and leaders dedicated to children and women’s health issues, enrich clinical midwifery human resources and enhance clinical studies.

International Master of Montessori Degree Program

Introduction Video:

         Apply Link:

Application Deadline:  Apri 30, 2024

This program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree. Students take courses leading to Montessori teacher certification while simultaneously working on two master’s degrees. Core courses include Sensory Motor Learning Psychological Bases of Learning and Guiding Young Children; Perceptual Development; Basic Concepts of Early Math; Language and Reading Development and Cultural Studies; Music and Movement (workshop); Materials Construction and Design I & II; Methods of Research; Evaluation of Young Children and 9.5 months internship.

International Master of Health Technology Degree Program

Application Time:  Not open for 2024

 International Master of Sport Science Degree Program

          Introduction Video:

Application Time:  Not open for 2024

The mission of the International Sport Science Master’s Program is to provide excellent research and teaching in sports science in order to promote and develop the health and well being of people. This master’s program focuses on providing innovative knowledge or idea in a wide range area including sports nutrition, exercise physiology, exercise psychology and sports medicine. You will find the Sport Science Master’s Program to be a vibrant and welcoming learning environment.


《International Foundation Programs》: 

Bachelor of Long – Term Care

Long term care is a fast-growing profession in Taiwan, in this program, students will study Mandarin in the first year and learn both theoretical knowledge as well as practical technique for the upcoming two years. During their school years, students could find part-time work by their own since Chinese Preparatory Course or have the paid –internship at healthcare institutions which recommend by school after finishing the first semester of Long-Term Care Program.

After fulfilling all the conditions prescribed, students are eligible to work in the field of long term care in Taiwan legally.  NTUNHS will also provide job matching service to facilitate finding the most appropriate job position for international students. Students who graduate from this program will not only have professional expertise but also equip with at least intermediate Mandarin skills, which makes them bilingual advantage to develop better career opportunities in Taiwan compared with peers.

         Application Deadline:  May 30, 2024

Admission Handbook :  2024 International Foundation Program Admission Handbook1


 Ms. Helen Chen

  •  For Nursing MS/Ph.D. and Nurse-Midwifery MS Programs, please contact 

      International and Cross-Strait Education Center

      National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

            Tel: +886-2-28227101 ext.3306

            Fax: +886-2-28206729   



  Ms. Emily Lien 

  • For  Health Technology and Sport Science MS Programs and Chinese-taught Programs,please contact

          International and Cross-Strait Education Center

          National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

          Tel: +886-2-28227101 ext.2732

          Fax: +886-2-28206729



Dr. Pei-Chien Sun (孫沛婕 老師) 

  • For the Montessori Master Degree Program, please contact

          Department of Infant and Child Care

          No. 365, Ming-te Road, Peitou District, Taipei City 11219, Taiwan(R.O.C)



Mr. Horatio Chu

  • For the International Foundation Program Bachelor of Long – Term Care, please contact

          International and Cross-Strait Education Center

          National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

          Tel: +886-2-28227101 ext.2738

          Fax: +886-2-28206729



 National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

Address: No 365, Ming-te Road, Peitou District 112-19, Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan)

***The applicants could opt for email, online application, or post to NTUNHS to apply for the program***

***Please note that insufficient documents should be completed within 1-month after the application deadline of the above programs ***




Our school handles matters related to recruiting overseas students. In addition to promoting and assisting students with the necessary procedures for obtaining visas, health checks, and travel arrangements, we do not outsource these tasks to external organizations, legal entities, groups, or individuals.