International Foundation Program
Bachelor of Long Term Care

Published April 11, 2024

Department Introduction

The institute trains students to become practitioners, operators, policymakers, and policy enforcers. It prepares relevant teaching and research talent for long-term care and cultivates the following skills:

  1. Consolidate long-term care related basic, professional, and advanced knowledge, and provide professional services, teaching and study.
  2. Enhance students' self-learning and research skills.
  3. Supervise and manage long-term care cases and organizations.
  4. Emphasize the importance of both theoretical and practical models of education.
  5. Plan and promote long-term care related policies and laws, and systems.

 Application Deadline

May 31

 Eligibility for Admission

  1. International students, Hong Kong and Macau students, and overseas Chinese students who are qualified in the “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan,” “Regulations Regarding Hong Kong and Macau Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan,” and “Regulations Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan” and possess the administration qualification of the bachelor’s program.
  2. Foreign students with associate degree, or those who meet the requirements of this program and have finished at least 2 years of studies in domestic and foreign universities or independent colleges recognized by the Ministry of Education.

 Required Application Documents

  1. Check List
  2. Application Form
  3. Medical Report
  4. Associate degree certificate or College diploma/ certificate & all college-level 
    official transcriptMedical Report
  5. Statement of Purpose or Research Goals/ Study Plan
  6. Passport biographical page 
  7. Financial Statement (the personal account must have a minimum balance of USD$2,500 or TWD$75,000.)
  8. Resume/Curriculum Vitae and other relevant documents.

 Degree Conferred

Bachelor of Science (BS)

 Contact Information