College of Nursing
Department of Midwifery and Women Health Care(Chinese-medium Program)

Published August 16, 2018

Department Introduction

                           Department of Midwifery and Women Health Care

                         Bachelor Degree in Midwifery and Women Health Care

Department Briefing

Department of Midwifery and Women Health Care (BS)

The Department of Midwifery and Women Health Care provides a curriculum that emphasizes knowledge and capabilities essential for practicing midwifery care. This curriculum is similar to the midwifery education and training program implemented in the United States. Moreover, it complies with Taiwan’s midwifery regulations regarding licensure examinations. This department offers solid and complete professional training in health care, and it emphasizes both theory and practice and the development of practical abilities. The curriculum design of this department incorporates gender mainstreaming, with women being the core consideration. The content of this curriculum is designed according to women’s life cycles, including adolescence, pregnancy, adulthood, and menopause. The curriculum content is aimed at training midwives to work in communities or in the clinical field of women’s health care. The curriculum comprises 72 credits in total: 10 credits (basic competence: 4 credits; liberal arts: 6 credits) for the university’s required subjects in general education, 26 credits for specialized core subjects (including 12 internship credits), 14 credits of elective courses, and 22 credits of professional basic subjects.

Eligibility for Admission

Any applicant who has graduated from vocational high school or high school, or conforms to a similar education level as recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Required Application Documents

1. Study plan (around 1200 words): including (1) Applicant’s autobiography; (2) reasons for applying Department of Nursing; (3) future goals.
2. Applicant’s vocational high school or high school documentation of activities participation: awards, competition achievements, leadership experiences, club performance, working experiences.
3. Applicant’s vocational high school or high school’s course transcript.

4. Two photocopies of the applicant’s vocational high school or high school diploma.

5. Two copies of passport.

6. Two copies of application form.

7. One recommendation letter.

8. NTUNHS Medical Report.

9. Financial Statement.

10. Relevant data, documents, or licenses to prove Chinese language proficiency.

Chinese Language Proficiency

TOCFL Level 3 or higher (including listening, reading, speaking test)

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science (BS)
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Application deadline March 31, 2018
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January 01, 2019
March 31, 2019