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Department of Gerontological Health Care (Chinese-medium Program)

Published August 16, 2018

Department Introduction

                         Department of Gerontological Health Care

                         Bachelor Degree in Gerontological Health Care

Department Briefing

Department of Gerontological Health Care (BS)

In accordance with the university’s medium and long-term plans, the Department of Gerontological Health Care emphasizes the provision of human-centered health care in response to the aging society, in which the prevalence rates of dementia and disabilities are projected to increase relative to the increase in the prevalence rates of nontransmittable diseases among elderly people. The old-age support ratio is expected to become a main problem concerning medical care and social welfare. Therefore, to cope with the aging trend and social development demands, the department aims to train professionals in providing health care to elderly people by developing innovative nursing technology and healthcare models; incorporating professional knowledge and abilities as well as critical thinking into gerontological health care; practicing caring attitudes, including ethical considerations; demonstrating communicative and cooperative abilities; performing follow-up examinations in providing health care to elderly people; establishing a professional identity; and instilling the virtues of responsibility and willingness to engage in lifelong learning.

Eligibility for Admission Any applicant who has graduated from vocational high school or high school, or conforms to a similar education level as recognized by the Ministry of Education.
Required Application Documents

1. Study plan (around 1200 words): including (1) Applicant’s autobiography; (2) reasons for applying Department of Healthcare Administration and Management; (3) future goals.

2. Applicant’s vocational high school or high school documentation of activities participation: awards, competition achievements, leadership experiences, club performance, working experiences.

3. Applicant’s vocational high school or high school’s course transcript.

4. Two photocopies of the applicant’s vocational high school or high school diploma.

5. Two copies of passport. 

6. Two copies of application form.

7. One recommendation letter.

8. NTUNHS Medical Report.

9. Financial Statement.

10. Relevant data, documents, or licenses to prove Chinese language proficiency.

Chinese Language Proficiency

TOCFL Level 2 or higher (including listening, reading, speaking test)

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science(BS)
Contact Information
Application deadline March 31, 2018
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January 01, 2019
March 31, 2019