College of Health Technology
Master Degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology (Chinese-medium Program)

Published May 02, 2019

Department Introduction

                                Department of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology 

                               Master Degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Department Briefing

(Audiology Division)

The founding principles of our department are:

1.     Cultivate and train speech therapists and audiologists that are proficient in both research and clinical applications, provide therapeutic services to the speech and hearing impaired populations, and are able to conduct research work.

2.     Training of research professionals in the fields of speech and hearing related sciences.

Eligibility for Admission Applicants who have graduated with a bachelor’s degree or are scheduled to graduate from domestic or foreign university.
Required Application Documents

Please bind the following application documents in two sets in the following sequence. One set is for use in the qualification review, and the second set is for review by the department.
1. Two copies of the application form.
2. Two passport copies.

3. Two photocopies of the applicant’s highest academic diploma (students scheduled for graduation shall submit two copies of their registered student ID for the first semester of their senior year).


Applicants who have passed paper-based test, shall prepare the following documents for interview:

Please bind the following application documents:

1. Transcript (1 for original, and three copies of transcripts)
of the applicants’ highest education level (students scheduled for graduation shall submit their transcripts up to the second-to-last year). Please mark course name and credit on transcript (e.g., Introduction to communication barrier, linguistics, psychology, physiology, child language development, biology, physics, acoustics, phonetics, hearing physiology, speech science, hearing science, mechanisms of phonation in the larynx, Linguistic & auditory nerve mechanism.)

2. Two recommendation letters.
3. Applicant’s autobiography (no more than two pages) and Graduate institute study plan (no than four pages).
4. Relevant data to prove Chinese language proficiency.  

Chinese Language Proficiency

Audiology: TOCFL Level 3 or higher (including listening, reading, speaking test)

Degree Conferred Matser of Science (MS)
Contact Information
Application deadline March 31, 2019