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International Genetic Counseling Master of Science Program

Published April 24, 2018

Department Introduction

                                         College of Human Development and Health

                            International Genetic Counseling Master of Science Program

Program Briefing

International Genetic Counseling Master of Science Program (MS) (English Mediated Instruction Program)

Genetic counseling is the process of helping individuals and families incorporate genetic information into their lives at the vulnerable moment of a genetic event. At the heart of what genetic counselors do is the provision of congruent emotional support, as they help patients understand, adjust and manage the impact of genetic information. As genomic and genetic analysis and diagnosis become an integral part of our healthcare service, a demand for genetic counselors surged in the past few years in developed countries, such as the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, while the numbers are growing rapidly in Asian countries, including the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, reflecting the advances of clinical genetics services worldwide.

Our MSc in Genetic Counseling is designed to give students a working knowledge of the principles and practice of genetic counseling which will qualify them to practice as genetic counselors. Consisting of a taught segment and a research segment, the program requires enrolled students to complete core courses including clinical practicum, as well as a research project with a dissertation. Students will also develop skills in problem solving, evaluation and interpretation of diagnostic data, communication of the results of genome testing to patients, literature searches, scientific writing, presentations and team working.

Eligibility for Admission

1. Students are expected to have completed a Bachelor degree in fields related to biological science, psychology or nursing from universities and colleges approved by R.O.C. (Taiwan) Ministry of Education. Applicants with an MSc or PhD of relevance are welcomed.

2. Do not have overseas Chinese status and do not hold a R.O.C. (Taiwan) passport at least for past eight years.

3. Demonstration of high English proficiency is necessary. Applicants who have completed their master's degree at a non-English speaking academic institution, are required to have evidence of English proficiency equivalent to TOEFL CBT test score of 197 (or TOEFL PBT score of 520/ IELTS 6.0) or higher.

Required Application Documents

A complete application must include:

1. NTUNHS Application Form or a copy of the printed NTUNHS online application form(NTUNHS Online Application:

.     2. NTUNHS Health Examination Report

      3. College diploma or certificate and all official college-level transcripts

      4. Three letters of recommendation

      5. Study plan or research goals (statement of purpose)

      6. Evidence of English proficiency (official TOEFL or IELTS score report)

      7. CV or Resume and other supporting materials

      8. Passport biographical page

      9. Financial Statement (waived for scholarship recipients)

      10. Writing Sample (manuscripts, thesis, reports, publications, etc.) optional

      11. All application forms and relevant documents must be posted to National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS) before March 31. Late submissions will not be accepted.

After being accepted by NTUNHS, applicants need to submit official certificates or diplomas, transcripts and financial statements to the R.O.C. (Taiwan) Embassy or Representative Office for authentication.

English Language Proficiency

TOEFL CBT test score of 173(or TOEFL PBT score of 500/ IELTS 5.5) or higher.

Degree Conferred Master of Science (MS)
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Dr. Huang:

Application deadline June 30, 2018
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