College of Health Technology
International Foundation Program Bachelor of Long Term Care

Published May 15, 2023

Department Introduction

The institute trains students to become practitioners, operators, policymakers, and policy enforcers. It prepares relevant teaching and research talent for long-term care and cultivates the following skills:

(1) Consolidate long-term care related basic, professional, and advanced knowledge

(2) Provide  professional services, teaching and study

(3)Enhance students' self-learning and research skills.

(4)Supervise and manage long-term care cases and organizations.

(5)Emphasize the importance of both theoretical and practical models of education.

(6)Plan and promote long-term care related policies and laws, and systems.

It is a 3-year Program and the course structure consists of two parts, the Chinese Preparatory Course as well as the Bachelor Degree Program. In the first year, students must take Chinese Preparatory Course in advance, Ministry of Education and NTUNHS will cover the tuition in this period. Students are eligible to enter the Bachelor of Long-Term Care Program only if they pass TOCFL A2 level. Students are also required to pass TOCFL B1 level during the 2nd academic year and could apply for the NTUNHS  scholarships under this circumstance.

Course Structure

Year1 - Mandarin 


* Service and Learning     * Introduction to Research

* Long-Term Care Practice Techniques and Experimental

* Fundamental Care Practicum   * Introduction to Long-Term Care

* The Assessments & Applications of Need in Long-Term Care

* Case Management in Long-Term Practice  * Overview of Long-Term Care Practicum Work


* Long-Term Care Policy & Regulation / Legality  * The interdisciplinary Practices in Long Term Care

* Introduction of Nonprofit Organization  * Case Studies in Long-Term Care

* Managing and Quality Insurance in Long Term Care   * Practical in Long Term Care

* Ethical Issues in Long Term Care Practice   * Practical in Long Term Care

Elective Courses (23 semester credit hours)

* Elderly Pharmacology    * The Successive Ageing   * Spiritual Care & Health Ageing 

* Biostatistics      * Elderly Nutrition and Diet         * Long Term Care Legal Issues

* Innovation of Service in Long Term Care  * End-of-Life Care in Long Term Care

* Program Designing and Evaluation in Health Promotion 

* Day Care Practice and Implementation  * Assistive Technology Device in Rehabilitation Care

* International Long Term Care Practice  * Planning and Designing for Senior Housing

* Disabled people and Self-Directed Support Schemes


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